300H The Mystical Healer TantrA-Master Training

Main Teacher: Sabina Stahl

First, you can only be admitted for the 300H Mystical Healer TantrA-Master Training once you have done a 200H Yoga Teacher Training, either with me or with any certified school accredited by the Yoga Alliance and if you have been actively teaching for at least 2 years.

The desire to grow to your next evolutionary level lies within all of us, but only a few feel the call to go deeper into themself.

„To become a master is to feel, on the most basic and intuitive level, that life is either living you or you are living life, and thus having the deepest desire to know how to master it.“

The one month 300H Mystical Healer TantrA-Master Training takes place within a 27 (3 x 9) day period, where we start on a new moon and end on a full moon which takes 28 days to complete.
The number 9 means completion and for each day (1 – 9) we will incorporate the meaning of numerology. Idealy you should take the whole 27 days at once since we are building an energy vortex by dividing it into 3 x 9 days. But if it is not possible for you to participate in the full 27 days you can divide them into 3 x 9 days sections which should be taken within a 2 year period.

The 3 x 9 days cycles are build systematically onto each other, thus the reason why you are able to take them separate. These 3 x 9 cycles allow you to shift systematically deeper and deeper from your conscious mind into the subconscious and then into the higher super-conscious mind.

The Training is always held at remote places (see my schedule) where nature will be our first teacher to help us connect to our true self.

The first 9 day cycles include:

  • The 9 Numbers
  • The 9 Groups of Asanas
  • The 9 Chakras
  • The 9 Adjustments
  • The 9 Steps on How to create a class or workshop
  • The 8 Limbs of Patanjali
  • The 9 days of Vipassana Meditation

„The Four Insights“ by Alberto Villoldo a psychologist and medical anthropologist who has studied the healing practices with the Andean Shamans for over 25 years will be used to guide us through this journey. You must read his book before the training starts and make yourself familiar with his kind of teachings and insights. I will teach you then each day, from the first chakra on until the ninth all the corresponding insights and exercises for you to not only be a 500H certified yoga teacher, but also become your own healer, shaman and master.

Each day we will explore one of the five elements first, which are earth, water, fire, air and space and are respectively linked to the first five chakras and its five sense organs nose, tongue, eyes, skin and ears. After that the energy gets naturally more subtle and like it is statet in chapter III of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, where the last 3 limbs of the 8 limbs, verse 2.29 are now thouroughly explained and can’t be separated since Dharana (concentration) gives energy to Dhyana (meditation) and from there Samadhi (enlighening) can rise.

Though first we must rediscover, reawaken and properly use and direct the first five important doors or windows (Pratyahara) in our body to the outer and inner world. Special tecniques are used to bring a new awareness to them and thus one must retreat into untouched nature and experience the spiritually charged land of our ancestors through places like Tulum, Brazil, Costa Rica, Bali, Australia and of course India, the true birthplace of yoga. Here you are able to witness natures forceful teaching power and see how the ego is liking or not liking what he smells, tastes, sees, feels and hears.

Your new gained awareness over your five senses brings you to a place of knowing yourself and how your surrounding and your interaction with it can truly shape you to be you. This awareness brings your conscious mind to become a witness over what you first think, talk and finally act, which then becomes your future reality. Once you know how the spiritual laws and systems are working, you can focus upon your future and make your dream a reality. Thus meditation or samadhi, the final stage of yoga, will become a natural part in your every day decision making.

How a day looks like

  • 6 am tea and fruit
  • 6:30 – 9:30 am pranayama, asana practice & meditaion
  • 10 am breakfast
  • 11 pm lecture (embodied anatomie, physiology or philosophy)
  • 1 pm lunch & free time
  • 4:30 pm practice & lecture
  • 6:30 pm light dinner
  • 8 pm meditation and talk

Upon finishing this transformational Master Training, you will emerge with the ability to have regenerated new energy from one of the most amazing and giving teachers worldwide, called nature. This renewed appreciation for nature and it’s ability to unlock, strengthen and sooth your deepest connection to planet earth can be only at the hands of a true master who understands and knows the intricate play of the outer and inner worlds coming to union.

This personal life journey to become a true light and inspiration to this world, will leave you a HUMBLE HUMAN BEING, ready to share your wisdom with humanity.

300H TantrA Master Training 2024 Schedule:
Will be in Costa Rica 2024 (dates are currently worked on)