Über das „Ich“ – About the “I“

I grew up, surrounded by the raw beauty of the Black Forest in Germany, which instilled within me an inspirational viewpoint on utilizing natural organic food as a means to improve my health.
My passion for healthy living continued when I  completed in 1988 my degree in Physical Education. Traveling around the world, I was inspired by the diversity of many indigenous cultures, which led me eventually towards the study of Yoga in New York in the year 1994.


The privilege of traveling around the world and immersing and living in the most diverse cultures, gave my life tremendous perspective. However, my deepest connection was with New York, as I thought, I was able to discover yoga there, but my heart knew better… yoga had found me…

So, I lived 17 years in Manhattan, where I was for 5 years an active partner at the Atmananda Yoga & Holistic Studio. Due to a family situation I decided to move back to Germany in the year 2012. There I opened a small YaYoga Studio in Kreuzlingen with my partner Esther Schmidt-Netzle and started to teach the “200H 9-Chakra Vinyasa-Yoga Teacher Trainings”. After 5 years, we both had family obligations, which brought our YaYoga Studio to an end.
So far, I have inspired around 500 students to become 200 hours Certified Yoga Teachers & Inspirations in places like Israel, England, France, New York, and Costa Rica.

My yoga training

I began my personal yoga practice in 1995, which led me in 2000 to expand my breadth of yogic knowledge by participating in my first 200-hour teacher training program. During this time I started to study Ayurvedic principles. I found myself enthusiastically blending the healing aspect of this ancient “Science of Life” into my already worldly and eclectic cooking style.

I then worked for five years with Jhon Tamayo, using my methodical structure to create, define and finish the Atmananda Yoga Sequence and it’s Teacher Training Manual. In 2003, I completed my 500-hour certification, and in 2004, participated in an additional 300-hour training program led by Adrienne Burke, one of the founders of the Jivanukti School.

Developing „The Yoga Sequence“ which has now become „The 9 Chakra Vinyasa-Yoga Sequence“

From my 22 years experience of being a yoga teacher training teacher and the multifarious cultures and their accompanying lifestyles I was able to experience, I had an important realization.

„That true nourishment of the Self within our – mind, body, and soul connection – comes from the implementation of one’s intuition in our everyday decision-making.“

I started to developed The Yoga Sequence in 2007, a powerful set sequence (apparently students refer to it as the „little sister“ of Ashtanga Yoga) which will help you to become independent in your own personal practice. So I dedicated myself to help to inspire others how to strip themselves of years of learned behaviours and responses to bring them back to a cleaner, simpler life, ruled by one’s own intuition. Clearly, yoga is a path worth walking the talk.

I have been teaching „The Yoga Sequence“ for exact 10 years and  realized within this period how yoga has slowly changed and shifted my own teaching style. I started to incorporate and work more with the chakras (energy vortexes) and used them like a building system or block, helping you to learn the tremendous amount of information and knowlege one must know to become a skilled yoga teacher. This simple system had such a big impact in my teaching style, that I decided to celebrate my 10 year anniversary and thus change the name „The Yoga Sequence“  into „The 9 Chakra Vinyasa-Yoga Sequence“.

Sabina Stahl