The 9 Chakra Vinyasa-Yoga Sequence by Sabina Stahl

The Yoga Sequence

Train your body…

The 9 Chakra Vinyasa-Yoga Sequence introduces you to yoga, by first emphasizing on your physical and primordial survival aspect of live. This solid physical foundation. I show you how to bring your body into correct alignment, utilizing my precise „9 Step Alignment System“ where the Starting and Middle Line connects you to your spine, our central axis of our body.

The Asanas (Positions) are organized into 9 Groups to make it easier for you to eventually create simple to complex sequences. Each Asana Group is connected to a Chakra (Vortex), which then respectively activates each Gland and it’s hormon production. Thats why I call it the 9 Chakra Vinyasa-Yoga Sequence, since this system creates a clear, systematic foundation and understanding of how your energy is flowing into your feet and tailbone (earth) upward through the spinal cord to the top of your head (heaven).

The „9 Chakras“ are like a „stairway to heaven“. Seven of them are within your body aligned on top of each other where your head or crown becomes the sending & receiving station. The eight and ninth Chakra are outside connecting you with the universe. This knowledge makes you see and experience your spine from a different perspective, which not only created the name for my 200H Yoga Teacher Training but also made me realize that my spine is my altar, my temple, which divides me into two sides. These two sides love to be united, so that I can live the true meaning behind yoga, which is union or one-ness.

Once you have learned and understood this incredible system, you are able to create your own intuitive yoga practice and are able to tailor your personal mat time. Your body will become strong and flexible and every major muscle group in your body will feel the effect of your practice, which will start to feel less forced and more fluid. Then in time, your breath will become your focus through which you’ll be able to quiet your mind.

Master your mind…

Breath work or Pranayama will be your next step to finally access your thinking mind, and once you start to cultivate this kind of self awareness, on how your thoughts are creating the future and on how your subconscious programming is leading and living your life, you’ll never want to go back to what was before. So allow your intuitive approach to guide you on this journey where your spiritual practice becomes your guiding light into the future..

Experience your soul…

The real break through moment be when your soul will guide you on this very personal journey and inspire you to transform into your own true teacher and inspiration. By committing yourself with an open heart and mind, you will immediately feel the effects of positive energy and self-empowerment, and become a healthier, happier, more intuitive and independent individual.

And thats when true self-worth and self-love become your stepping stones into infinity.