Oracle of Mystical Moments
by Catrin Welz-Stein

Moon in Scorpio ♏️

The heart… is magic and beats infinitely and rhythmically love into existence. Touch it and feel your heart beating for what is and will be the most precious realization in you life… which is to love youRself.

Welcome to your Trance-formation…

This woman is a seeker, driven by the eternal question of meaning: Who am I?
Her polka dot red dress has on top already turned into a beautiful butterfly 🦋
The transformation has begun. Her hand gently touches her chest – has the butterfly 🦋 already merged with her? Do you follow the call of your heart, the call of your soul?

This map leaves many questions unanswered. Perhaps you’ll find clarity by searching for answers yourself. Are you the woman you always wanted to be? Or did you get lost somewhere along the way?
Who are you behind your „mask“?
How honest do you allow yourself to be in your quiet hours?
What drives you?
what are you burning for ✨🔥✨

If you can answer all these questions for yourself, you too will transform yourself…. you will truly trance-form❣️
Your life becomes easier and the movie title „The Lightness of Being“ becomes a state of consciousness.
Then you yourself, will be as light as a butterfly
✨🦋✨ and fly up high.

– self-knowledge
– identity
– transformation

Ujjayi Pranayama

The Inspiration of Today – 13.02.2023
Hatha Flow from 19:00 – 20:30 pm (all levels)

Today, we’ll work on being conscious of our heart-beat for Self. With each inhale we’re going to imagine that the oxygen we’re inhaling, is like food for our heart, which is through that able to expand its wings like the butterfly. Then with each exhale we’re letting go and emerge ourself into the trance-formation of the Self, that just thought, “I exist up high”.
Now we are “down low”… a part of our breath and existence we’re not yet able to acknowledge in our anxious and small minded society.
Why…? Why can’t we show the liberation of our exhale the same as the inspiration of our inhale?
The one and only energy, that gives rise again to our inhale?

Welcome to Pranayama, where life’s natural existing elixir is filling your lungs with Pranic life-force and oxygen and chlorophyll. Here begins our journey into the lightness of being all butterflies 🦋 bring to us. Our breath of choice today is Ujjayi Breath – Glorious/Victorious Breath or Psychic Breath.

Ujjayi Breath: Sit in any comfortable position, preferably in a meditation, Asana. Close your eyes and relax the whole body. Take your awareness to the breast at your nostrils, and allow the breathing to become calm and rhythmic. After some time, transfer the awareness to your throat, try to feel or to imagine that the breast is being drawn in and out through the throat and not through your nostrils; as if inhalation and exhalation are taking place through a small hole in this road. As the breathing becomes slower and deeper, gently contract the glottis, so that a soft snoring sound like the breathing of a sleeping baby is produced in the throat. If this is practice correctly, there will be a simultaneous contraction of the abdomen. This happens by itself, without an effort being made both inhalation and exhalation should be long, deep and controlled practice your breathing, while concentrating on the sound produced by the breath in the throat, the sound of the breath should not be very loud. It should just be audible to the practitioner, but not to another person unless they are sitting very close.
Practice at least 10 min

Benefits: Ujjayi is classified as a tranquilizing Pranayama, and it also has a heating effect on the body. This practice is used in yoga therapy to soothe the nervous system and calm the mind. It has a profoundly relaxing effect at the psychic level.
It helps to relieve insomnia and may be practice Savasana just before sleep. This basic form of breath without breath retention slows down the heart rate and is useful for people suffering from high blood pressure, Ujjayi removes disorders of the dhatu, which are the seven constitutions of the body, which are: blood, bone, marrow, fat, semen, skin and flesh.

Thank you for practicing with me.
Sabina ✨🦋✨

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