Why a Yoga Teacher Training changes your life

When I took my first yoga teacher training in 2002, I was not at all aware that this incredible diverse and yet so simple knowledge of true ancient art, would not only shift my perspective on why sport and movement are clearly important and even life-saving for us, but also would change my whole outlook on life as a fully integrated spiritual system, worth exploring. I thought, that a state-certified sports and gymnastics teacher would know everything about how and why this marvelous body is build the way it is and know its evolutionary complexity of being able to first crawl, walk, run and then dance or move in all the million creative ways, we do.

But I didn’t.

So, when I took my first yoga-class in Paris in the year 1994 and my second one in 1995 in New York, I had an epiphany which opened my eyes and body to not only the realization that I was clearly just beginning to understand the deeper functions of how a basic movement started as a desire for living life, which can be seen in a simple bacteria, until the development of a fish, which crawled onto land and finally became an upright walking human being, but I also saw the correlation of this beautiful evolutionary system being handed down through all the Asanas (yoga-positions) and making me realize, that the same desire to move, become, or to create, is also found in the more subtle energies, like hormones for example, who influence the same desire in us to become what we are right now.

Now, 16 years later and myself being a teacher and founder of „The Yoga Sequence“ 200H Vinyasa Teacher Training and 300H Master Teacher Training, have I been given the privilege to experience again and again how this magical journey, from the visible outside to our invisible but noticeable „Inner side“ or „True Self“ has not only changed and astonished each participant who took a training, but also has given me repeatedly the possibility to marvel at each transformation, I was able to witness.

„A teacher training is for that person who is really interested in the yoga-rise to his higher self and then either teaches, or rather inspires all he has learned or applies his knowledge simply to himself and the constant decision making during his human evolution.“

You will discover, that this powerful knowledge not only changes you, but ultimately also the people who come in contact with you. The only prerequisites for a yoga teacher training is the willingness to embrace an entire new perspective on why your desire for life brought you where you’re at, but also an ever-reoccurring childlike curiosity to experience, realize and know that for yourself.

You must know, that all the trainings that are offered in this world, may differ in the „who“, „how“ and „where“ is the knowledge passed on, but all of them have one thing in common and that is the „what“ is passed on. Just like our movement has evolved, so has the transmitting or the handing down of this ancient knowledge evolved from master to pupil. First they would recite or chant word by word to memorize the knowledge, then they started to scratch the essence on banana leaves which they dried and put together in order until they printed books and now it is changing exponentially, through the ever evolving  Internet.

„Now, the exposition of yoga is being made“…   Yoga Sutra of Patanjali ,Verse 1.1

The knowledge, which is encoded in us since birth, waits paitently to be discovered again and again, since this truth likes to evolve eternally through you. This truth is so powerful, no one can break the chain of its intention, which is there for your spiritual development and growth, bringing you back to the light (male) and the love (female) in union within you and then to be lived as the ultimate expression of absolute freedom and harmony.

„Know, you are the center of your universe and thus have the power to create your own hi-story“

Everything else won’t be relevant upon this realization and you’ll all of a sudden understand what it means to be responsible for „what“ happens in your life. And trust me, once you know that nobody else can do anything about you and your situation, you might think you are stuck in, you will start to act upon the word  „responsibility“ completely different. The finger, which you thought needed to be directed outwards, turns at once against you or rather for you and that is exactly „the mystery“ or the „what“ all the spiritual masters are talking about.

„… and know, that true power and love flows eternally through you… and thus know, that true power and love starts when you’re ready or when you’re able to own it…“

Change is the only constant element in this polar world, an oxymoron that understands and loves itself. The below always has the above and after an inhale (take) we must exhale (give) to inhale again. Chaos follows order and vice versa, and in this endless game of the universe all animate and inanimate objects must subordinate itself to this law without exception, since without it there will be no growth and therefore no evolution. This makes you recognize that in you and thus from you comes the light of true love, illuminating your path ahead so that you can step forward in a clear, awake and strong fashion, through this challenging and ever-changing interaction of dualities. You’re thereby able to live your true potential in this ever changing world and bring through your presence a unique creativity and pure relativity to the game of infinity.

“For you are worth to have lived it.”

So, are you ready for such a bold change in your life? Cause now is the time to dare… since this October 16, we have a full moon and a super moon in the cardinal sign of Aries, which offers us the double strength of a full and super moon and the fiery desire of Aries to get what wants to evolve anyway. And, since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac wheel, connected to our head and thus the brain where we are making clear decisions or confirmations so to speak, more of us are „now“ awakening to this eternal truth. Because like all un-awakened beings who are relying to much to their mental brain-power instead of listening to their heart or intuition-power, are now able to experience and thus know, that the true challenge to start a completely new path and leave the old behind, does not need any approval from the heart, but needs a clear and conscious mind to do so.

Imagine that this super moon acts like a giant gate opening above you, where this ancient knowledge can stream down to be absorbed and lived naturally. That’s why every event in your life acts like a building block and adds onto you, becoming and being you. And so, you have come this far to know that you want to know more about this marvelous Self, looking at it-self. Thus, by practicing  yoga you start to learn to become your own observer and a yoga teacher training, where you learn all about „how“ to share this universal knowledge, is designed and taught the same way you have evolved through billions of years, arriving at the amazing stage you’re at right now.


  1. Once you start a class, it’s like birth, you are curious and want to discover, like a baby, all this world has to offer and thus you explore all the possibilities of moving, bending or twisting your body through your center, through your spine. (Warm-Up or Sun-Salut Sequencings)
  2. Then you continue to use your arms and legs as extensions of the spine and experience the multitude of positions yoga has to offer, just like you would want to go out and travel to discover this wondrous world in your teens and as a young adult. (Standing Sequencings)
  3. From here you will eventually have learned your lessons and know your strength and flexibility, which makes you a Teacher or even a Master in life or in your work and thus in the Master Sequencings as well.
  4. The wisdom you have gained now, makes you lean back and look with confidence into the future, thus you start to enjoy the moment just as it is, in life and in class. (Inward Sequencings)
  5. To die each time in Savasana at the end of class does not scare you anymore, since death is always literally and figuratively the beginning of something new and wonderful, again. (Savasana or Deep Relax)
  6. And then you become the wise man or woman, contemplating on what has been achieved, knowing it and owning it forever. (Focus & Meditation)
  7. Welcome to yoga or union and it’s transformational power dwelling deep within each of us, which can only be lived and breathed through actual experience and through meditation on the higher self. (Samadhi or the state of bliss and silliness:)


If you are interested in my next one month program please contact:

Sabina Stahl: stahlsabina@gmail.com 

Because I’m already looking forward to you and your ever life-changing story.

In a one month training you learn:

  • how our 7 chakras (energy vortexes who are related to our 7 glands and it’s respective hormones) and their related group of asanas (positions) will influence your body, mind and yes, your mood
  • that all the 7 color have a very special resonance and vibration and can affect you on a daily basis, thus clothing, food, and flowers are used in class to help you understand how the 7 colors of the rainbow affect your emotions
  • that I believe that a praxis orientated training, where you will teach the different sun and moon salutation to each other right away, will take away the fear of thinking you are not ready, which I heard to often
  • that „The Yoga Sequence“ is a signature class and composed to act like a steady building structure or a recipe you can follow, to rely on at any time, without boxing you in and thus assisting you to create your own set of sequencings and finally your own class.
  • that I know through experience, that to become a good teacher, you have to gradually become familiar with the complexity and infinite pairings of all the 9 group of poses, where you learn step by step my steady and constant system of sequencings and thus surprise yourself that you are able to teach within a few weeks a beginner, intermediate and advanced class
  • you learn yogic philosophy, embodied anatomy, method teaching on how to create a well structured class
  • and you learn how to use the 9 step adjustment guide, helping you to lead your students save through class

Light & Love

Sabina Stahl